She’s turning into a real little comedian. Which is great, just not during meal time 🙂

We’re very lucky she is such a good eater, but the other night, for the first time, she refused to eat. I made a lasagna (which the adults all liked) but she just wasn’t interested. She loved the penne and meatballs we gave her last week (Dad cooked for her – frozen Trader Joe’s meatballs, Classico 4 cheese sauce and some whole wheat penne). My friend, Adriane, suggested I give her some fruit to get her interested in the food. I put a little cut watermelon (one her favorites) and she ate that and started to eat some of her dinner, but then gave up again once the watermelon was done. So I gave her some cubed cheddar and rosemary bread which she ate along with some more of the lasagna.

[Recipe for my lasagna – saute a diced onion (medium sized) with some garlic and olive oil, add ground turkey (I start it frozen and cook it with the cover on the pan for a few minutes and then flip the turkey until it all is cooked). Then I added some coriander, oregano, rosemary, salt and pepper. After that I added 3 cans of diced tomatoes and some tomato paste with a little more of all the spices. In a separate saute pan, I cooked some diced yellow and green zucchini with garlic and rosemary. After it was cooked, I tossed it into the sauce with the turkey and let it simmer while I mixed the ricotta with some fresh herbs and an egg. Then unfortunately I realized that I did not have any shredded mozzarella. So I started layering the sauce with no bake noodles, and ricotta. I ended up topping the lasagne with some parmesan and a little smoked gouda and then baked for about 45 min. covered]

Adriane also gave me a good time saving tip for pasta. Buy the Annie’s mac n cheese from Trader Joe’s and you have wheat macaroni in 3 minutes in the microwave! I didn’t use the “cheese” that came with it, just mixed in some cooked squash and parmesan instead. The “cheese” that comes with it is better than most instant mac n cheese, but has a lot of sodium.

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