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Karina has been very adventurous and we are very lucky that she eats pretty much everything (except for terriyaki flavored baked tofu). So as she approaches a year old, I’ve been giving her more and more of what we eat. She loved the caprese salad we had the other night. I just cut the tomato, basil and mozzarella in to smaller pieces for her and left the balsamic vinegar off her portion.

She also enjoyed a breakfast of wheat toast with melted brie, diced avocado and diced mango.

I think I’m going to try to give her some blue cheese and see what she does with it.

Here is the follow-up message I got from the folks at Baby Mum Mum. A friend who has worked in the product production industry, said it is common for places to manufacture their product in a cheaper location, while using their own or other imported ingredients.

Hi Marie,

You can contact the US distributor on the following email: janinesibley@nationalimporters.com

The Baby MumMum rice rusks that is sold in the US is also made using New Zealand origin skim milk powder.

Although the rice rusks are manufactured in China, only the best ingredients are used in the production.

New Zealand milk products is well known to be amongst the best in the world and that is why it is used.

The New Zealand milk powder is directly imported by the manufacturer of Baby MumMum rice rusks and each consignment is accompanied with relevant documentation to assure the origin and quality.

I have cc Janine from National Importers into this email and I am sure she will add more details for you if I have missed out on any information.


Donald Kha
Amyson Pty Ltd (Australia)

I have not contacted the U.S. importer yet. The Mum Mums may be fine, and I’m not usually one to be paranoid, but she doesn’t seem to miss them, so I haven’t added them back into her repertoire.

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