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I was surprised at how few cookbooks there are on the shelves of various bookstores around the city. Most of the books (and baby/toddler food websites too) are from the UK. Online I found a lot more books, but how much time do us moms really have to go through cookbooks and find recipes? Not much, but there are those days when the little one’s (or ones’) nap lasts longer than usual and we find ourselves with a few minutes of time to ourselves. My passion is cooking, so I take that time to write this blog or go through my cookbooks (or search the web) and find some recipes (or watch Sex and the City on demand 🙂 ).

These are the cookbooks I have that I either bought or was given as a gift:

– “Wholesome meals for babies and toddlers: healthy foods your kids will love to eat” Parragon Books, Ltd, UK. ISBN: 1-40546-845-9. This book categorizes recipes by 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-36 months, 3-4 years and 4 years plus as well as an introductory section and a sample meal planner for a week on each age group.

-“What to Expect the First Year,” Babies First Recipes, pp748-755. ISBN-13: 978-0-7611-2958-8. I’ve made the lentil stew, which Karina loved and we could eat it too. It has some great quick tips and also has a recipe for a first birthday cake with cream cheese frosting. (I had grand plans of making Karina’s first cake, but time was not on our side, so I bought Trader Joe’s vanilla cake mix and made buttercream frosting. She loved it! But was way too neat!)

-“Kid Favorites Made Healthy.” Better Homes and Gardens, ISBN 978-0-696-21750-0. This is pretty good, with healthy recipes for older toddlers and kids, but be sure to talk to your doctor before you start giving your child low fat, or non fat milk products. I am going to try the Turkey-Apple Sausage patties on pg26 this weekend!

-“Mom-a-licious: tasty. easy. healthy.” By Domenica Catelli. ISBN: 978-1-933754-14-7. This book is great. I have found some good tips. It has “reclaiming the pantry” + “facing the refrigerator”+ “facing the freezer” sections, telling you what to kick out and keep in that is healthier. Take it with a grain of salt. Everything in moderation! I definitely keep alot of frozen veggies and fruits on hand for quick additions to meals. My new favorite breakfast comes from pg. 29 – “skylar’s stinky cheese breakfast sandwich” – eggs with herbs with brie, camembert or Taleggio on wheat toast! Mmmmm. Karina loves it too! This book (and my friend Adriane) inspired me to use Almond butter on Karina’s toast, which she loves! I also put it on banana slices. Very messy, but good. I’m still dying to try the one dish dinner on pg. 84 – lemony chicken with vegetables and Parmesan and the sesame and soy-roasted fall vegetables on pg. 111. I did make the gingered rice and edamame on pg. 114. Soooo good! I keep frozen edamame on hand because it is a great source of protein too!

-“Yum-o! The Family Cookbook.” by Rachel Ray. ISBN 978-0-307-40726-9. Great, easy recipes that get the kids involved! Including some recipes submitted by moms and kids on her website. They are healthy and her aim was to make them cost conscious. I just got it, so haven’t made anything from it yet.

-“Cooking for Kids Bible.” ISBN-13: 978-1-4127-2346-6. This has some fun recipes, especially good for kids parties, classroom treats and if you want to take dinner fun! It also has tips for cooking with kids and teaching your kids to cook!.

-Betty Crocker’s Cook Book for Boys and Girls, Copyright 1957. This was given to Karina from her Ya Ya. It was her grandfather’s when he was a kid (aka Far Far). It has party ideas circa 1957 and even gives kids ideas on how to surprise mom for Mother’s day or Valentines day 🙂

There are many other books. (Look soon for my reviews on baby food books I got at the library – long wait lists…must be popular!) I also just use the “adult” cookbooks I have along with “google” and try to give Karina what we eat. We’re lucky she usually is a great eater. Tonight she was not, however. I took my luck too far 🙂 She ate all of her toast, but did not like the lamb and raita I made 🙁 she ate a little bit of the lamb when I mixed it in with some brown and wild rice (trader joes sells a great mixture). She didn’t like the cucumber, but liked the yogurt (mixed with lemon zest and greek seasoning – mint, oregano, and something else I can’t remember). I sauteed the lamb chop (which are on sale at Safeway right now) covered with coriander, cumin, greek seasoning, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic. I started a tradition tonight. On nights that Tim bowls I am going to make a “special meal” for me and Karina, that hopefully as she gets older, she will help me with (and we can eat things like lamb and scallops that Tim doesn’t like).

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