Using leftovers in different ways…

I’m usually not very good at this, but in the interest of being more economical I’m trying to be better. Last week I did a good job, if I say so myself 🙂

On Monday last week I made a pot roast in the slow cooker and served it with a mashed potato and sweet potato mixture and roasted asparagus. Tuesday we had quesadillas with the pot roast meat and some sauteed peppers. Wednesday I made lasagna (with slow cooker pasta sauce, see previous blog posting for recipe) and added the rest of the pot roast meat and sauteed peppers. The lasagna was great for dinners for Karina for a couple nights.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it…more blogging coming this week…

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One thought on “Using leftovers in different ways…”

  1. I do love reading your cooking blog! I cant wait till I can do some more cooking, we are surviviing on my moms food, brothers been cooking for me, and lots of heat and eat stuff from Trader Joes and things I froze before Connor was born. We have limited take out to once a week, which is good for health and the wallet! xoxoxox

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