Last of the summer and first fall farmer’s market trip!

So we don’t have our laptop back yet, so I still can’t post the beautiful pictures of my tomatoes!! But I figured I would post to give you some ideas of what I’ve been doing with my cherry tomatoes and lemon tomatoes from the garden.

My new favorite breakfast is a tomatoes, herbs and an egg on toast. I’ve made a couple of versions, but basically you dice up tomatoes mix with a little salt, pepper, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and whatever fresh herbs you have. Let that sit while you make a piece of toast in the toaster + make an egg either over medium or over hard or you can poach the egg (I’ve never been very good at it. Only one out of 8 tries does that come out right!) Put the toast on the plate, top with egg and then tomato mixture. Add a couple of slices of avocado if you have it.Yum. Karina doesn’t like it too much, but she doesn’t really eat tomatoes. More for me 🙂

I’ve also been grilling more pizzas with tomatoes and making bruschetta. I also made a Rachel Ray recipe with a tomato and cucumber salad. Her recipe is basically to make a meatloaf with ground turkey, greek seasoning (oregano, mint, salt, pepper, lemon zest), feta + spinach. Your own homemade gyros! One the side mix tomatoes, cucumber, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar.

Anytime you want more specifics on the amounts, please let me know! I am trying harder to make note of how much I use, but don’t always write it down. I’m happy to tell you more details!

The new fall produce has arrived at the Ballard Farmer’s Market! Last week I bought a spaghetti squash and made a new take on spaghetti and meatballs. Here is the recipe I’ve given before that is my go to for spaghetti squash. Then in a crock pot put 1 can condensed cream of chicken soup, 1 cup beef or chicken broth, 1 cup water + 1Tbsp Worcestershire sauce with a bag of frozen turkey meatballs from trader joes. Cook for 2-3 hours on low.

Fall is my favorite season so stay tune for some great fall comfort food recipes!!

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3 thoughts on “Last of the summer and first fall farmer’s market trip!”

  1. So here is one dish that can be made in less than (or about) 10 minutes (that's not pasta) – Polenta + Shrimp + edamame. Take some help from the store and buy the rolls of already cooked polenta.

    Cut it into cubes cook it with butter, milk (keep adding until desired consistency, 1/3 cup or more). Keep stirring until smooth, then add shredded parmesan + fresh herbs for flavor. Using a potato masher to mash + stir, makes this go much faster.

    Buy a bag of frozen already cooked shrimp. Defrost by running cold water over shrimp. Marinade for 5 minutes in equal parts white balsamic vinegar and lemon juice, 1 clove garlic minced, and a couple of sprigs fresh thyme (or tsp dry). Melt 1 Tbsp butter in saute pan,pour shrimp + about 1/2 of marinade into pan + heat through.

    Buy already shelled frozen cooked edamame. Place amount you want to eat in a bowl, with couple of tablespoons of water and cover. Place in microwave for 2 – 4 minutes. When you take it out, salt edamame.

    10 minute fancy meal! Thanks for the question! You gave me a good idea for an upcoming blog, so look for a whole blog with 10 minute meals!

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