I found a great blog…

I found a great blog that you all have to check out! I saw it linked from a friend’s page (thanks Mary!) and have found so many great recipes on it. They are easy recipes and kid friendly, as the two contributors are moms! They’re not bland and kid friendly though, like so many kid friendly recipes. I also saw some great Thanksgiving ideas. So check it out…


So far I made the pumpkin crumble listed last week sometime, which is super easy and tasty. After seeing their post today for coconut chicken fingers, I think that is what we are having for dinner tonight 🙂

You may see my blog entries change a little over the next few months as I just started working. I’m part time this week and start full time on Monday! I have been a cooking fiend over the last week, making meals to freeze and buying easy fix meals that my husband can make, since I’ll be getting home later than him most nights 🙂

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