Who has time to cook?

I love to cook but having a new job, a toddler and being pregnant with twins, cooking dinner when I get home at 5:30 or 6pm just is not an option. My supportive husband has been cooking more. We are eating a lot of sweet potato fries (from Trader Joe’s or there are a couple of brands on Amazon Fresh) and fish sticks or pasta with frozen turkey meatballs and steamed frozen peas. We also make frozen edamame (that you can just steam in the microwave) as a side dish. I used to cringe at the idea of only eating frozen foods, but it has become somewhat of a necessity and can be done healthy. We also have been using leftover pasta and just microwaving it with a little butter and shredded parmesan. Great with peas.

I am still trying to make a couple of meals on Sundays, while sitting on a bar stool in front of the stove, so we have leftovers. My favorite go to meal of the moment is to make chili but add in rice or quinoa (which cooks just as easy as rice). Just cook rice/quinoa separately + add it in after both chili and rice/quinoa are done. Its hearty, healthy and tasty 🙂 This freezes well too.

One thing that has made my cooking and eating so much easier is Amazon Fresh. We now order our groceries online and they are delivered right to our backdoor. Most times I can place an order before I go to bed and have groceries by 6 am the next morning. They’ll deliver unattended unless you order wine or beer, then you have to be present to show id. Then we usually have it delivered around 6 or 7pm so we’ll be home. The produce has been great. You can choose to order green bananas or ripe bananas for example. The prices are comparable to the grocery stores here, except for meat. So we are eating more ground beef, turkey and chicken drumsticks, as those are cheaper. You can order diapers, cleaning supplies and most anything you find in a grocery store. You can even order an ipod 🙂 or a toy for that birthday party you forgot to buy a present for and it will be delivered with your groceries.

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3 thoughts on “Who has time to cook?”

  1. that was totally our life right after Connor was born. heat and eat, frozen food etc. its hard! And having three mouths to feed… we did alot of Trader Joes frozen stuffs, quick things like raviloli with garlic and butter, LOTS of veggie burgers. What about doing breakfast for dinner? I made a big pot of this: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/spicy-bean-soup-recipe/index.html before Connor was born. Its a little spicy not sure if its good for toddlers, but protein, veggies, filling. I also made this http://fullatlast.blogspot.com/2010/01/allisons-vegetarian-chili.html last week its crock pot and you dont have to cook ANYTHING in advance (cause its veg).
    oh and grilled cheese or Naan pizza (store bought naan, store bought pesto, tomatos and goat cheese) good luck!

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