Still not able to cook…

My excuse now is that I’m too busy and tired. The twins are now a month old and my mom has been gone for 2 weeks. We have had some great meals from friends, so I figured I would write about them to give people ideas of what they can bring friends who have had new babies or just need a meal.

Tamales + fresh Spinach (which Karina decided she liked eating plain!), so good and easy to heat up in the microwave for dinner and leftovers for lunch. Thanks Vivian, John and Genevieve!

Turkey Enchiladas with black beans. Freeze well and also easy to heat up in microwave. Thanks Naomi, Mike and Clara!

Lamb Gyros + tomato with feta bruschetta. We are very lucky to have a chef as a friend. Thanks Jodi and JJ! They came over and cooked the meal for us and joined us for dinner. The ground lamb patties with tzatziki, cucumbers in pita was delicious and great to snack on for the next few days after. Jodi also brought us some frozen meatballs, which we just heated up with some sauce + pasta for another few meals and last night had the meat pies she made that were in the freezer! So good!

Rice, garbanzo beans, black beans, etc dish. This was good and Tim loved it! Mixing veggies and beans with rice is a great idea because it can be eaten cold or hot. the strawberries, cool whip and angel food cake is also a great dessert idea. Thanks Amanda and Viveka!

I “cooked” one night. My mom had made a pork roast while she was still here and shredded and froze some of the meat. I defrosted the pork, shredded some cheddar and made quesadillas. For a little side salad I just mixed a can of black beans and can of corn. Easy and tasty!

Looking forward to trying the homemade bolognese that’s in our freezer! Thanks Katie, Anthony and Juniper!

Between all this great support and some easy meals (as well as a few nights of takeout!) we have been well fed!

I’m still dying to cook, so hopefully things will calm down enough for me to start. The act of cooking isn’t too much its the clean up on top that is too much right now.

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