Fall is in the air….

I LOVE the fall! Crisp, cool air, apple picking, pumpkin picking and the smell of the fireplace. I am spending my first fall in New England since I was 18 years old! I am very excited 🙂

We went apple picking this past weekend. It was so much fun. We went to Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro, MA, near the New Hampshire border. They let us bring the stroller on the hayride to get to the apple orchard. Awesome. When you have 15 month old twins who run in opposite directions and an (almost) 4 year old who gets jealous if mommy and daddy are each holding a baby, this is absolutely key to a successful outing. We picked MacIntosh and Cortlands and sampled lots along the way 🙂

Today Karina and I made whole wheat apple muffins and apple sauce. For the muffins, I use the recipe on the back of Aunt Jemima’s whole wheat pancake mix and add a little more brown sugar.

For the applesauce, I used a recipe from allrecipes.com and doubled it: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/sarahs-applesauce/detail.aspx. The smell of water, sugar, apples and cinnamon sticks in the slow cooker was intoxicating! This is absolutely delicious! If you are using tart apples, add a little more sugar.

Tomorrow night is the first butternut squash soup night this fall!! I can’t wait! I may try a different recipe next time, but this old fall favorite is such a comfort.

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